1. Time to spend on the Business

Whether you are a small or large business, you aim to deliver an excellent service to your
customers. By having an internal finance function, you may compensate the quality of
service that is being offered to your customers and therefore not meet your
primary goal.

2. Staff Cost

For any business, staff costs are usually the bulk of the expenses and can be difficult to cover.
As an employer you have to give employees a minimum of 28 days paid holiday a year, and if they
unfortunately fall sick, you have to pay up to 28 weeks of statutory sick pay. Outsourcing takes away
this staff burden.

3. Software

Making sure that you invest in the correct software and keeping up to date with new legislation for payroll can be a daunting experience. Let us take away the hassle from you with a quality service.

4. Credit Control & Cash Flow

For any business, cash flow can make or break it. Ensuring that customers have been credit checked and are paying within an agreed timeframe is important to ensure you can pay your suppliers. This requires heavy monitoring and time which may be limited in your business. We can follow up with your customers on your behalf to ensure any outstanding debt is chased swiftly.

5. Management Accounts

Producing accurate management reports & accounts can be a useful tool to provide you with the information to help your business grow. Understanding your daily costs and the effects on the business can support your decision making. Setting Key Performance Indicators ensures that your business has goals to drive improvements and reduce wastage. We are highly skilled to build reports upon request, and can provide the information you need when required.